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Arteak has one specific aim, saving lives.

To achieve this, we offer a complete program of training activities in order to guarantee the health and safety of workers.
Working with the finest experts in the safety and rescue sector our team of specialists include HSE managers, Engineers, Assessors, Supervisors, Tutors, Trainers, Emergency Rescuers, Mountain and Cave Guides as well as a variety of experts and consultants within the safety and health industry ensuring we can cater for any eventuality.
The professionals we employ are of the highest standard offering exceptional technical knowledge and experience. Utilizing our team of experts we ensure that materials and techniques we use guarantee the quality of equipment, methods and training.
Our vast range of expertise means that our products and services are conceived, designed, created, certified and distributed by us giving our clients a 360 degree service.
Our team have many years of experience working with large, high profile clients and operating within a variety of industries including, oil and gas, telecommunications, construction and engineering, shipyard, railways, transport, large-scale retail operations, petrochemical, environmental hygiene, and power supply.
We bring our knowledge and experience all over the word, including a variety of challenging and extreme environments, we always maintain the highest quality standards of our services.
If necessary, we can assemble training centers, operating offices in the nation of interest or directly at the operational site of client along with technicians speaking the local language.
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